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M.S.Bidve Engineering College Latur


In pursuance with Mahatma Basweshwar’s dream, Mahatma Basweshwar Education Society has been established in 1963 at Latur. This Society is one of the oldest & reputed educational societies in Marathwada region. In the era of globalization, to create engineering graduates having knowledge with global insight, meeting the needs of industry, M.B. Education Society started M. S. Bidve Engineering College in 1983 at Latur, affiliated to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. Recently the institute has been awarded ISO-9001:2000 certificate.

The Latur District is in the south-eastern part of the Maharashtra state. Latur town is situated on the 18.7° latitude and 73.25° longitude. The district is situated on the Maharashtra Karnataka boundary. On the eastern side of the Latur is Bidar district of Karnataka, whereas Nanded is on the northeast, Parbhani on the northern side, Beed on the Northwest and Osmanabad on the western and southern side The entire district of Latur is situated on the Balaghat plateau, 540 to 638 mtrs from the mean sea level

Latur City:

Latur is well connected by road, railway and air route. It is 320 km from Pune, 280 km from Hyderabad and 480 from Mumbai by bus. At present the air – travel facility is available up to Aurangabad.
Latur City has the distinction for its unique and innovative “Latur Pattern” in the field of education all over Maharashtra.

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Dayanand College Latur


Dayanand Science College is one of the institutes of Dayanand Education Society established in year 1961. The society was established with a noble cause to impart higher education in arts, commerce & science to the students of this rural area.

At beginning this was multifaculty college (arts, commerce, science).As the strength of students increased and to have better & smooth administration so was expanded in 1967.

At first it was affiliated with Babasaheb Marathwada University,Aurangabad. It is now affiliated with Shree Ramanand Tirtha Marathwada University,Nanded. The college has a separate Junior college. In year 1989 college has started M.C.V.C.course.College has completed a period of four decades with great success. It is a great honour and privilege for institute. Every year students pass out from college with flying colours. Also many a times students from our college has stood first in H.S.C. examination, MH-CET exam as well as the results of B.Sc., M.Sc. are also noteworthy.

Rajarshi Shahu College Latur


Rajarshi Shahu College came into existence in 1970. It is indeed a challenging institution of higher education in that it has bravely faced many problems, financial as well as academic, but the college has shown acumen and pragmatism, resourcefulness and creativity. Its history of thirty six years is a journey

of trials and tribulations. Its survival has been marked with odds and ordeals. But ultimately sweet are the uses of adversity.

We have worked hard and worked together. We have been working in the right direction with a
clear vision. The importance of building an educational institution is no less than the importance of building a nation. Building an educational institution requires the same commitment, the same vision and the same determination. We have taken up that lofty task with a sense of dedication.

We are a tribe with educational interests and academic concerns, and our tribe is increasing
slowly and steadily. The main concern of our Management is pursuit of excellence in education for the growth and development of the college. Our staff - teaching as well as non-teaching - is deeply involved in the hard task of developing Rajarshi Shahu College, as a result our college has acquired a unique place in Maharashtra.

We are a multi-faculty college with more than four thousand students (including Junior College) on the roll. Our total staff includes 77 teachers in the Senior college, 78 non-teaching staff and 63 teachers in the Junior college.

We have 21 Departments including 7 Post Graduate Departments. We have Russian language, Additional English (SL), Sanskrit, Pali and Functional English (a vocational Subject). We have M.Phil (Geography) and our teachers of Marathi, Pali, Geography, Economics, Sociology, Chemistry, Zoology & Fishery Science and Physics are guiding Ph.D. aspirants. We have introduced computer courses in 1998 on non -grant basis. We are thus catering to the needs of higher secondary and higher education in this region.

Year after year several students of our college find place in the Merit list of the University examinations. Today this college is a renowned institution of higher education in Maharashtra. It has been functioning as a ferment in the educational, social and cultural life of the surrounding areas. It has set, by all the fair means, an example in academic excellence. Innovation is the hallmark of this college. It is known for its discipline. It strives to motivate the students and the teachers.

In this age of globalization of education, we are trying our best to maintain high quality of teaching, research and learning.


Hon. Dr. Gopalrao Vithalrao Patil

Address 'Mohini Apartment'

Block No. 3, In front of Bramhakumari Temple,

Old Ausa Road, Latur,

Tq : Latur Dist: Latur

Maharashatra. India.

Ph 91-02382-200200

Latur History


Latur is historical city, It was called as Ratnapur,

The King 'Amoghvarsha' of Rashtrakutas developed the Latur city, The Rashtrakutas who succeeded the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 A.D called themselves the residents of Lattalut.
Before 1981 Latur was a part of Osmanabad district. In 1981 Mr. A. R. Antule declared Latur as district. Now Latur is fastest growing city in Marathawada.
In Latur there is Old Shri Sidheshwar Temple & Tirth this is gram daivat of Latur, Ones in a year there is a big festival called Sidheshwar Yatra i.e. 'Jatra'.
The famous Razakar of Nizam called 'Kasim Razavi' was residence of Latur.
There are twelve roads joined at Ganj Golai some of roads are Cloth Lane, Saraf Lane, Main Road, Lokhand Galli, Grain Market Road etc. Golai and its 12 roads are biggest market place for all kind of goods.
The Former M. Ps. of Latur where Mr. Keshavrao Sonvane & Mr. Shringare.

The Present M. P. of Latur is Mr. Shivraj Patil Chakurkar. (Former Speaker of LokSabha).

The Present M. L. A. of Latur is Mr. Vilasrao deshmukh (Former C. M. Maharashatra).

There are sugar factories at Terna, Mangra, Nivali, Renapur, Naldurg, Killari & Ambasakhar etc.


Manjara is the main river which flows on the Balaghat plateau along with its tributaries: Terna, Tawarja and Gharni. The other three tributaries of Manjara are Manyad, Teru and Lendi which flow on the northern plains.

* Manjara :- This is the main river. Its origin is near the Gaukhadi Village of Beed district. The river flows from the nothern boundaries of the Osmanabad district and cutting across the Latur district goes to Karnataka State.

* Terna :- This is the main tributary of Manjara which flows on the southern boundary of the Ausa taluka.

* Manyad :- This river takes its origin at Dharmapuri in Beed district and flows through the Ahmadpur taluka into Nanded district.

* Lendi :- The river has its origin in Udgir taluka and flowing through the Ahmadpur taluka joins the Tiru river in Nanded district.

* Gharni :- The river has its origin near Wadval and flows through Chakur taluka.

* Tawarja :- Tawarja originates near Murud in Latur taluka and joins the Manjara river at Shivani on the Latur-Ausa boundary.

'Latur pattern' of education is famous all over Maharashatra.

There is all kinds of education available in Latur.

Statistic of Latur District:

Population : 1673010

Talukas : 10. N. P. : 5.

Area : 715700 Sq. Hk.

Yearly Average Rain : 1019 mm.

Population: 227 per. sq. km.

Cultivation Area: 661100 Hk.

Kharip Area: 500900 Hk.

Rabbi Area: 160200 Hk.

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Map of latur district


The area of Latur district is 7372sq.kms. The district is divided into three sub-divisions and 10 Talukas. The number of village in Latur district according to the 2001 census, is 943